Workshop: What is ESG Journalism

This workshop is divided into three sections

Short Intro – who is in the room?

1: What is “ESG journalism”?

Different approaches to “ESG journalism” are discussed. Several new understandings of the news criteria are presented, which ESG journalists can use in understanding the intersection between financial journalism and climate journalism..

  • Impact: Follow-the-money journalism, Impact, 1.,2.,3., dimension.
  • Timeliness: In a climate change perspective.
  • “Close to home” is relative to climate change and finance.

2: Framing the financial sector and climate issues

It is need-to-know how the financial sector operate in terms of climate change and investments. In this section we look at some fundamental principle to understand the financial sector and how journalism can challenge the financial sector.

  • Prudent Person Principle – The DNA of the investor world.
  • ESG and Sustainable Finance (EU) – Who to define sustainability?
  • Climate Targets vs. Climate Reality – Hero or bastard?
  • Is Climate Change Racist? Are you producing journalism on a “wrong” bias?

3:  Follow-the-money as story generator

This last part is organized as a “live research” based on screening of the investments of one or more investors. We will work to develop concrete narratives that participants can develop further in depth afterwards.

  • How to research investments and capital flow
  • Financial Databases to use
  • Controversial Issues to detect
  • Screening in action: An explosion of stories!

Joachim Kattrup, Analyst Sustainable Finance, Action Aid Denmark.

We use screening tools: and developed by Joachim Kattrup



Reading list / framework!

Prudent Person

IPCC report #6 , capital 15 (READ: summery E.5)

IEA, World Energy Outlook 2022 (Read summery for PolicyMakers)