In the past several posts, we have defined Big Data, shown the problems we hope it will address, and described how CSRHub has implemented a Big Data approach to creating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability ratings. It is time now to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the “Big Data” approach.Læs mere

Stigende udledning af drivhusgasser i 2016

For første gang i ni år steg udslippet af drivhusgasser i 2016. Udslippet fra alle danske økonomiske aktiviteter, der bidrager til BNP, steg 4,1 pct. i 2016 i forhold til året før.Læs mere

The Scandal Effect

Research shows that executives with scandal-tainted companies on their résumés pay a penalty on the job market, even if they clearly had nothing to do with the trouble. Læs mere

Evidence is mounting that bonds that finance environmental projects perform better than conventional ones, HSBC Holdings Plc said in a report. The U.K.’s largest bank said green bonds are trading closer to benchmarks than regular debt issued by the same entity, particularly in developed markets. This may be due to demand for the securities pushing investors to pay steeper prices for green bonds in the secondary market.Læs mere