EU-mærkater på politisk korrekte investeringer

Et nyt EU-forslag kan medføre, at den danske energikoncern Ørsted vil få vanskeligt ved at blive klassificeret som en bæredygtig investering. Begrebet bæredygtige investeringer er ikke en beskyttet varebetegnelse iLæs mere

In 2008 CSRHub began measuring performance in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Using ten years of history, we are now starting to answer questions such as: Is the universe of companies for which ratings are available expanding beyond the large public corporations?Læs mere

Sustainable investing as the new normal. More than one-quarter of assets under management globally are now being invested according to the premise that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors can materially affect a company’s performance and market value. Læs mere

Harvard Business Review just released their much anticipated The Best-Performing CEOs in the World 2017 list . CSRHUB is honored to have our ESG (environmental, social, and governance) metrics included again this year as part of the methodology for ranking the world’s top 100 CEOs.  Læs mere